Payment & Cancellation Policy


Payment and Cancellation Policy

Due to the high number of new individuals and organizations purchasing ice at PIA, as well as with some recent non-payments it has become necessary to modify our rental and cancellation policies.

As of March 31st 2017 our policies area as listed

Payments: If you have an established account with PIA (i.e.: youth organizations, schools, communities, etc.) your ice time will be invoiced to your account. If you are a private ice renter, the ice time scheduled needs to be secured and run on a credit card. These policies will allow us to continue to offer the lowest possible price on ice time for all our users.

 Late Fees: All established accounts are due in full within 30 days. A finance charge of 18% per annum, 1.5% per month will be assessed on all unpaid balances. There will also be a late fee $15.00 applied.

CancellationsWhen you purchase an hour or block of ice time from PIA it is no longer on the market for others to purchaseIf you choose not to use or cancel the ice time, PIA WILL NOT provide a refund or credit to you for it unless we have a 30 day written, or e-mailed notice, this gives us time to attempt to re-sell that ice block and keep our costs down for you. In most cases, we probably could have sold it to other users. We will not be penalized for you or your organization choosing to not use the ice time that you have reserved. You also have the option of finding another organization, or group, to take your ice time so you may recoup your costs from them.

When you schedule the ice you become responsible for the cost of that ice booked. Failure to appear or a non-notice cancellation shall result in forfeiture of any deposit or payments and PIA also reserves the right to demand and receive full compensation for the unused reserved time.

PIA will not close in the event of inclement weather. For information to see if your event is still being held, for all rented ice, practices, games, etc. You need to contact your organization or person that scheduled the ice.

Physical or Mechanical Failure: PIA will not be liable for any financial loss/space usage loss to any group/organization/individual due to a physical or mechanical failure that causes the arena inoperable. PIA will be the sole judge with regards to the feasibility of using the arena. The rental fee, or pro-rated portion of it, will be refunded to the renter if the arena is inoperable for the entire portion of the time during the reserved period. PIA will also attempt to reschedule ice rentals for you that are cancelled under these circumstances.


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Penobscot Ice Arena Management