Stick & Puck (Pick-Up Hockey)


Penobscot Ice Arena offers Stick & Puck (Pick-Up Hockey) periodically throughout the week.

All participants are required to conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner at all times.

Penobscot Ice Arena offers:

13 & Under Stick & Puck

14 & Over Stick & Puck

Friday Night Stick & Puck

Stick & Puck (Open to ALL Ages)

Admission: $7.00 Per Player for 1-Hour
Events / $10 for 2-Hour Events

Skate Rental: $5.00 Per Pair


All skaters skate at their own risk

Equipment Required:

A certified hockey helmet with full face protection (cage or 1/2 shield)

Shoulder pads

Elbow pads

Ice hockey gloves

Ice hockey pants

Shin guards

Protective cup

Hockey skates

Hockey stick